IGNIS 160 - lightweight, compact design with a circular shape. The casing is made of powder coated aluminum with the safety glass on the bottom part. The construction guarantees easiness of use and cleaning.


The operating light HELIOS 160 uses, as a source of light white LED diodes. The modern and monolithic construction of the copula makes it easy to keep the lamp clean, ensures ergonomic use and perfect cooperation with the laminar air-flow.


Construction and properties of operating and surgery lights as well as surgery sets of SOLIS 160 series ensure meeting of all requirements with respect to the illumination of operating/surgery field, binding for the equipment of this kind.


SOLIS 160 is the perfect compromise between quality and price of the operating lamps, which will satisfy even the most demanding user. The round shape of the dome allows accurate surface disinfection.


Our new examination lights SOLIS 60 series thanks to their construction and lighting properties have been designed mainly for the use as a main source of light in examination rooms , diagnostics rooms as well as in treatment and minor surgery rooms.


Our new diagnostic lamp SOLIS 30, thanks to its construction and lighting properties has been designed mainly for the use as a main source of light in consulting and examination rooms, as well as in delivery wards. The lamp is intended to be used for spot illumination of the patient’s body with the purpose to facilitate diagnosis or assessment of treatment progress.


MEDIVENT air flow germicidal units are available with 2- UV bulbs

Irradiation with ultraviolet radiation UV-C is one of the most effective methods for disinfection of air, liquids and surfaces. Advantages of this method are low operation costs and the fact that bacteria, viruses, moulds and fungi do not become immunized against the ultraviolet radiation. The UV-irradiation allows large surfaces to be disinfected, does not contaminate environment and is simple for use.


Our solutions are designed in collaboration with Veracomp, with many years of experience in the design of audiovisual systems used in operating rooms.