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Famed Łódź history dates back to pre-WWII times, when as Elektrosan, the company manufactured medical equipment, among others for the Military Hospital in Łódź. The trading name has changed since, but the business has remained the same. State-Owned FAMED-1 Electromedical Equipment Factory was the legal successor of State-Owned Electrical Equipment Factory in Łódź established with an ordinance of the Minister of Heavy Industry on 31 December 1949, then transformed a number of times. Initially, the factory was housed in the office and manufacturing premises given to the company in the centre of Łódź, at 6 Komuny Paryskiej Square. In 1968 the enterprise moved to the new facilities at 2 Szparagowa Street. Fabryka Aparatury Elektromedycznej FAMED Łódź S.A. was established as a result of commercialization of FAE FAMED-1 state-owned company carried out by the Minister of Treasury on 23 April 1998. In 2010 the company was privatized and added to the ORGANIKA Group. During the restructurisation process, the offices of the company were moved to 21a Ciasna Street in 2011.

Establishment of the company
Beginning of mass production of medical lamps
Production of lamps with bayonet bulbs B 900 and B 400
Production of lamps with halogen bulbs SURGILUX
Introduction of examination halogen lamps MEDILUX
Implementation of LED lamps LEDILUX.
Introduction of a family of LED lamps SOLIS
Introduction of LED lamps IGNIS
Introduction of HELIOS lamps
Construction of a new headquarters


Currently Famed Łódź is reputable Polish manufacturer of lighting systems. In our assortment we have got OT and examination lights, as well as diagnostic and UV sterilization lamps intended for use in doctor's offices. Lamps manufactured by Famed use conventional halogen bulbs as the light source, as well as LEDs, which offer longer service life, high light intensity and electricity savings. In addition, LED operating lights enable switching on green LEDs only, which is convenient for endoscopic procedures (highest haemoglobin absorption occurs at a wavelength corresponding to green colour so that no reflections are generated with the green light that would hinder interpretation of the endoscopic image). We are a manufacturer of high quality medical equipment renowned in Poland and abroad. Our longtime presence in the medical industry and the experience gained in connection with the use of modern technologies guarantee the high quality of our products. We are able to adapt to the individual needs of each customer in terms of the equipment, which makes our products tailored to the needs of our customers. We provide high quality products, professional service and professional advice - in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2012 quality assurance systems.

NEW TECHNOLOGIES IN GOOD LIGHT is our mission that we pursue in order to fully meet your expectations.

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