Given the nearing deadlines for adaptation of premises and equipment to requirements of the Act of 15 April 2011 on medical activity and the Regulation of the Minister of Health of 26 June 2012, entities which operate health care centres have been engaged in intensive modernization work, also in operating rooms.


If you carry out work related to adaptation of operating rooms to statutory requirements, it is worth thinking about fitting out the operating room with surgery recording solutions. The draft amendment of the Act of 2011 on the system of information in the health care sector assumes that after 31 December 2017 all entities which provide medical services will be obliged to keep individual medical records in the electronic form only.

Digital recording of the surgery progress is an essential function that supports retrieval of the material in the event of any claims brought by the patient. Currently with the increasing number of claims brought by patients and activities of legal firms which specialize in claiming of damages, it may turn out that an investment in such a system will break even very soon. Besides recording the surgery progress, a properly developed system may support communication and image transmission from the operating rooms and medical imaging equipment (endoscope, laparoscope, C-arm) to remote locations, such as lecture rooms, doctor’s surgeries or other medical centres. The use of audio-visual modules supports transmission of data from information systems, remote medical consultations or archiving of materials for training purposes. Solutions that we offer are designed in cooperation with our partner who has years of experience in development of audio-visual systems used in operating rooms.

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medical tablet
Medical tablets support remote control of video and audio coming from various medical devices. These are high quality devices, resistant to dirt and mechanical damage.
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wall-mounted control panel
A control panel gives you remote, wired access to the operating light functions. As it is wall-mounted, any change in light intensity, colour temperature or camera zoom is even easier and reachable without entering the surgeon’s working zone.
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Medical recorders perfectly complement operating lights with in-built cameras. Support for recording hundreds of Full HD video guarantees protection of hospital’s sensitive data. The video can be shared real-time for teaching purposes.
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open architecture
Open architecture supports customization of an integrated system to the hospital’s needs. This combination of information technology with advanced medical technology guarantees the highest level of medical services. The entire solution is covered with secure glass that ensures easy disinfection and constant camera and light parameters.